The Weirdest Thing About the Poker in Casino Royale

The Country Club

The first poker scene of the film takes place in a country club where Bond plays opposite one of Le Chiffre’s minions. Everything’s going quite well until the villain decides to add his car to an all-in bet, and Bond calls the bet by quite unceremoniously mashing all his chips into the pot.

Look at that satisfied smirk, really mashing those chips with gusto

The Yacht

The next poker scene involves Le Chiffre playing heads up against a pair of anonymous benefactors on his yacht. We’re midway through a hand, and Le Chiffre moves all-in. He then explains to his opponent that he holds the best hand (two-pair), while his adversary’s chance of making his straight is less than 1 in 5. His opponent folds.

The Casino

The poker scenes that make up the core of the plot run a little smoother. In the Casino Royale itself, ten players face off in a winner-takes-all tournament with a $10m entry fee, $5m rebuys.

What If…

Let’s suspend our disbelief a little bit, and assume that the casino has set up an unusual cash/tournament hybrid. Some people have actually suggested that this is a cash game with increasing blinds and limited rebuys (so, a tournament with cash chips).

The Reality

… we can say for certain that the previous “What if” scenario isn’t the case. It is explicitly stated in the film that the players have all deposited their buy-ins with the third party bank, and any rebuys will similarly be transferred to the bank. This means that the chips in front of the players are, without a doubt, tournament chips with no cash value.

“… wanker”



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