Psychedelic Research Roundup — pandemic edition

Preachy intro:

Research roundup:

‘Impartiality’ in psychedelic research

Non-hallucinogenic analogues



Racial justice

  • White people are massively over-represented in psychedelic research (roughly >80% of participants)
  • BIPOC experience higher levels of mental health difficulties than white people (and this is also often underreported)
  • BIPOC experience a much larger amount of prejudice and professional negligence (or openly racist malice) when accessing mental health treatment
  • BIPOC suffer racial and colonial trauma that white people don’t
  • BIPOC suffer the effects of the war on drugs significantly more than white people
  • Psychedelic research is hugely skewed by the overtly-white participant base, and is therefore bad science
  • There are clear solutions for researchers looking to expand their participant diversity (see papers above)
  • There are simple options for psychedelic therapists and facilitators to learn anti-racist awareness
  • There is a need for more BIPOC psychedelic therapists, and practitioners trained in treating racial trauma

Ketamine and depression

LSD and social adaptation

The Psychedelic Future: develop your communities



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